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Ozone Layer – Environmental Changes Due to Lockdown Covid19

Is mother nature in the auto-repair mode for environment protection or has nature begun to strictly heal herself? The outspread of deadly coronavirus may be a part of nature’s response to unfriendly acts by mankind towards her. It is out of the question that we humans have been very irresponsible towards nature and towards all the creatures living on this planet. The im-balance of human-nature bonds leads to disaster in the form of natural calamities, diseases, weather fluctuations, temperature fluctuations, and the present life-threatening coronavirus.

As a result of present Covid-19, many countries have been compelled to lockdown. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we have witnessed many environmental changes. Here are a few points discussed below highlighting the environmental impact as a result of coronavirus lockdown.


The issues like global warming, damaged ozone layer, air pollution, etc. have been severe and have increased at an alarming rate over the last few decades. Many proactive steps were taken by us but weren’t that fruitful as expected, that was mainly because of too much deforestation and industrialization. As a result, the unwanted environment changes gradually disturbed the eco-balance. Covid-19 lockdown meant the lockdown of industries, vehicles, and more importantly reduction of human interference. Over the past few weeks as a result of coronavirus lockdown, there has been a noticeable environmental impact. There has been a drastic improvement in the ozone layer, it is healing up gradually.

Nature has taken the responsibility to build up environmental protection. The air quality across the globe is much better than it was pre-COVID-19 lockdown. Heavily polluted cities like Delhi NCR have witnessed a stunning environmental change since coronavirus lockdown, the air is purer and the skis are haze and pollution-free. According to the latest reports Himalayan range was visible from the city of Jalandhar after 30 years. Millions of funds were raised by the Government and many steps were taken to clean the Yamuna river but all in vain. Existing Covid-19 lockdown has done what we could not achieve in years, the latest picture reflects nature’s healing powers. Now the river is flowing with crystal clear water and free from toxins and pollution.


Humans have failed to realize that every creature living on this planet has equal rights on every resource provided by mother nature. We humans are not the owners of this planet but are co- habitats of this planet. Natur treats everyone equally and now has decided to make her own environment change assessments. With the Covid-19 lockdown, all the other creatures are experiencing a human-free world. This gives birth to a question, was coronavirus lockdown necessary for environment protection? As a result of coronavirus lockdown, the environment change has given new freedom to the animals and all the life forms on earth. We have not only been cruel to our environment but also on animals and plants.

Nature has taken a serious notice of that and consequently made her environment change assessments. With Covid-19 lockdown, everything is in healing mode from creatures to the environment. There have been numerous pictures and videos circulating on social media, where the animals are fully enjoying their liberty. The dolphins are returning to the shores, the mammals are freely roaming around the birds are more audible and filling the fresh air with their melodious cripplings.

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Man is the only creature on this planet who has completely distracted and broken all the laws of nature. On the other hand, all the other creatures strictly follow nature rules. Man in the name of modernization has misused the natural resources and abused the other forms of life dwelling on this planet. When all the laws of nature are broken then nature starts making her own adjustments for environment protection. Many intellectuals are sharing their thoughts that the Covid-19 out-break is a nature’s designed environment protection module. Coronavirus lockdown is getting us back to the basics from physical awareness to mental awareness be it our disturbed dietary systems or our cruelties on nature and animals. A COVID-19 lockdown has made people aware of our mistakes and should be strictly rectified.


Recently there have been many environmental changes which include rapid melting of glaciers especially Antarctica, disturbance in wind currents, unseasonal rains, climatic changes, etc. These environmental changes have led to negative environmental impacts on nature and all the living creatures on this planet, recent fire in Amazon forests and millions of animals dying in Australia are few recent examples. A COVID-19 lockdown has given us an opportunity to make an environmental impact assessment and work towards improvements.


One of the main things which coronavirus lockdown has done is, it has exposed our poor immune system. Our feeble immune system is incapable to fight coronavirus. Again our poor diet is directly responsible for a weak immune system. Nature is fully equipped with immune building resources but sadly rich organic food has become extinct from our daily diet. Our perfectly-made biological mechanism is capable of handling any foreign virus and bacteria including Covid-19. Have we used natural resources properly? Like many other environmental resources, we have disregarded our organic food resources as well. Junk food, fast food, inorganic food, preserved and processed food has replaced natural organic food today. As a result, we can clearly observe the number of cases of COVID-19 is more prominent in the countries where the consumption of organic food is minimal especially in the western countries. On the other hand, the countries of the subcontinent the magnitude of cases are less comparatively because still a large section of a community, directly and indirectly, consumes natural organic food.

COVID-19 lockdown has restricted people to consume less junk and processed food, therefore, the impact of results should be carefully assessed. Mother nature has answers to every disease, nature offers all the natural resources for environment protection so the natural resources should be consumed as much as possible and build our immune system.

There are several factors to be considered if we are to fight coronavirus and similar life-threatening diseases. It is extremely important to realize that a vaccine is not a solution to such diseases if we still don’t learn from our past mistakes nature can release several such viruses.

Coronavirus lockdown can be utilized by not only researchers but it is also a duty of all the individuals to make environmental impact assessments. The government bodies and the concerned people should take serious actions and should introduce different laws for nature and environment protection. Nature and the environment have its own rules which have to be obeyed by all the creatures living on this planet.  In the end stay healthy, stay safe during the Covid-19 lockdown, and be a volunteer for environment protection as it is the responsibility of every individual living on this planet.