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Top 10 Best Search Engines List Worldwide

Search engines have become a crucial part of our daily work. From searching the latest news article to finding the nearest restaurant or shop. We all are becoming dependent on search engines to find the answer to every query. The search engines have a large volume of content and follow thousands of factors to evaluate the correct answer to user queries. They offer a wide range of content on the internet like images, content, web pages, PDF, and videos.

As per the MOZ – They are the answer machines that provide the most matched answer to the user query. When we talk about search engines, then only the “Google” search engine strikes our minds. There are many other search engines out there that are giving tough competition to Google and providing great search results to the user. Here we have shared the top 10 best search engines list that is used by users worldwide and can help you to gain more knowledge on search engines.

Top 10 best search engines list

1. Google:


Google search engine is also known as “Google Search” or “Google Web Search” and among the top search engines. It is a web search engine used by millions of web users. It was developed in 1997 by Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Scott Hassan. It has now become the most used search engine worldwide, handling 6.5 billion searches every day. The main purpose to develop Google Search Engine is to search the text documents offered by the web servers. Google organizes the content on the web like web pages for providing the correct results to the user.


  •         It provides relevant information to the web users and manages the search results effectively.
  •         It is a fast working search engine and gives instant results by saving time.
  •         It provides more information on the SERP of the connected web pages.


  •       It shows too many results for the query, which becomes too difficult to choose the correct answer.
  •         Google still unable to identify fake content, news, and data on the search engine.

2. Bing:


Bing is the most operated and top search engine by Microsoft after Google. The technology used to develop a Bing search engine is ASP.NET. It is the third-largest search engine in the world after Google and Yahoo Search. Bing search engine offers search results for content like videos, images, news, ads, and a lot more. It runs well on all web browsers. It has given a great competition to the top search engine Google with lots of enviable features.


  • It offers great image search results to the user as sharper and high-quality images.
  • Bing Search shows video search results better than Google and the user can watch the videos without leaving SERPs.
  • Bing offers great free stuff in their search results with a reward scheme using the point system.
  • Great social media integration.


  • It shows slow search results as compared to Google SERPs.
  • Less branding and less popularity.
  • It doesn’t load quickly as Google.

3. Baidu:


Baidu is the biggest Chinese tech company search engine. It is the second-largest search engine in the world. Baidu is developed by founder and CEO Robin Li and Eric Xu. It surpassed the Google search engine in making money on ads. It is a specialized search engine services used in China. Baidu has built its own mobile searching applications and partnered with many smartphone companies.


  • It offers great visibility with PPC ads in China.
  • Charged for only valid clicks, not for impressions.


  • PPC account is difficult to create and require registration with the Chinese government in the Baidu search engine.
  • To run a PPC campaign, it requires payment conversions with Chinese currency.

4. Yandex:


Yandex is the best search engine developed by the Russian Corporation.  It covers more than 50% of Russian internet users. It is easy to use search engines and covers many other countries like Ukraine, Turkey and Belarus including Russia. It is powered by machine learning technology offering products and services which includes videos, images and maps, etc.


  • Yandex is a complete portal more than a search engine. It offers free mail, live traffic maps, music, videos, and images, etc.
  • It is best for the Russian language search and Russian market.
  • Android has 70% Russian market and Yandex works on android devices effectively.


  • Support only two languages like English and Bahasa Indonesia.

5. Duckduckgo:


It is one of the best search engines that do not track and store personal information of any users. It values the privacy of the users and any user can perform a search on duckduckgo search engine without worrying about the search saves. It delivers privacy protection to the browser and helps to search privately, block trackers and offer secure connections to users.  It provides zero-click information features on the first page showing the correct results.


  • It doesn’t collect and track any information from the users.
  • Deliver instant and fast search results.
  • Zero click information features provide answers for the queries on the page.
  • Ibang feature lets you search by sorting.


  • It shows no date information about the webpage publication.
  • Search results look horrible as compared to Google.
  • It has no 3rd party certifications and shows very few images on search.

6. Swisscows:


Swisscows is a semantic best search engine launched in 2014 that gives fast answers to the queries. It is also known as a family-friendly search engine respect user privacy and doesn’t collect store and track data of the web users. Swisscows uses artificial intelligence to understand the user’s query and intent. It supports English, German and many other languages.


  • It doesn’t store the IP address, track cookies, and searches.
  • Semantic search based on AI.
  • Free of cost and advertising.


  • No access to the iOS platform and iPhone users.
  • Shows fewer images related to the search content.

7. StartPage:


Startpage is privacy highlighting web search engine developed and designed in 2016. It is also known as the Metasearch engine. It serves quick answers to users from Google. It is good for web users who want to use Google searches without getting tracked and maintain the privacy of the user. Startpage also eliminates cookie collection and utilise https support.  It is one of the best options for Google users that promote privacy in the top search engine.


  • Shows Google SERPS with user privacy.
  • IP and search queries will remain private to users.


  • Users get email adverts following up the recent searches.
  • Google search results are much better than Startpage search results.

8. Search Encrypt :

search encrypt

It is the best search engine that utilizes local encryption techniques to make web users searches private. This encryption technique includes AES 256 encryption and secures socket layer encryption. The best part about this top search engine is that your search expires immediately after your search and it will remain private.


  • Private search engine with expired browsing history.
  • End to end encryption.
  • Private map search feature.
  • Private video data search.



  • Stop big companies to gather and collect the web user’s data.
  • Once the user forgot the password, then unable to recover the data.

9. Yippy Search :


The yippy search engine was powered by IBM Watson. It is a Metasearch engine to explore lots of data that other search engines unable to find. It enables you to search for information and pages like government feeds, hobby blogs and news.


  • It blocks harmful and spamming websites to get open.
  • It shows lots of related search topics on the SERP page.
  • It shows the preview of the search results on the screen.


  • It shows lots of different ads on the results.
  • It gives a slow search compared to Google.


10. Gibru :


Gibiru is a patriot’s top search engine that shows search results using Google algorithm. Using this search engine, Google users can easily get answers to their queries without thinking about tracking activities. This best search engine works faster than “NSA search engines”.


  • Offer express VPN facilities to their web users.
  • Provide a wormhole mobile app that allows zero record surfing on the web.
  • Available on both Android and iOS applications.
  • Uncensored search results
  • Secured by 256-bit https encryptions.



  • May monitors serve logs.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in proxy to prevent the IP address of the user.


Google is the most popular search engine in the world but the choice of the user depends on the need and requirements of the search engine.  We have shared the top 10 best search engine list and many alternatives that provide great search experience to the web user than Google.